How do I get a VIP Voucher?2018-07-06T11:02:50-07:00

READ CAREFULLY: To gain a VIP voucher/ credential you must donate at a Music Saves Lives official sponsored drive. You can find drives posted on the map on our website at https://musicsaveslives.org. Vouchers are given by the blood centers using a THANK FOR DONATING EMAIL from the blood center. That email sent to you will have a link to our on-line voucher credential system where you fill out some info and the OFFICIAL VOUCHER/ Credential is generated by our identification system. You will print your voucher on line or you may keep a digital copy of the voucher on your smartphone. We will be scanning everyone at our check in booth and validating your blood donation. No copies accepted.

When are the blood drives posted on the map?2018-07-06T11:02:58-07:00

Drives are posted starting around April 15th. You can sign up from our map that will direct you to call the blood center or use their on-line sign up system.

How old do you have to be to donate?2018-07-06T11:03:22-07:00

Age and requirements vary from state to state. 16 with parental consent in most US states. Check www.aabb.org for requirements in your area or call your local blood center.

Can I donate at a non-Music Saves Lives drive and bring proof?2018-07-06T11:03:32-07:00

Sorry but NO. The only drives that count for the MSL vouchers/ credentials are the ones listed on the map at https://musicsaveslives.org or if your city has instructions otherwise. You must follow the on-line instructions based on the city selected in the map and where you donate. No Photos excepted at the booth, but highly encouraged to be posted on your social nets. Remember to tag us @musicsaveslives #MusicSaveslives

What if I cannot donate?2018-07-06T11:03:37-07:00

You may have someone else donate for you and give you their voucher. All the instructions will be emailed to you from the blood center you donate with.

Where is the blood drive in MY CITY?2018-07-06T11:03:43-07:00

To find a drive in your area, click on the map at the MusicSaveslives.org site. ZOOM in on your city and find the closest blood drives. If there aren’t any drives listed or no instructions yet, sit tight, we are working on that city and will be posting drives or information soon. We will not leave you out. We promise. If you are within 3 weeks of the tour date and still no drives posted or instructions email us.

Please host a blood drive in my city.2018-07-06T11:03:48-07:00

We are working to set up more blood drives in more places than ever. You can help by running a drive in your area. Please visit our front main page for more information about supporting a blood drive. You can email us too. iCare@musicsaveslives.org

Does the VIP pass include a ticket into the show?2018-07-06T11:04:01-07:00

The voucher is good for a VIP upgrade that you receive at the show. You must purchase your own ticket. Once inside the venue, you can redeem your Voucher for a VIP wristband at our booth. The first 100 vouchers turned into to the MSL booth on the Vans Warped Tour date in your city gets a MSL Backstage Upgrade. This backstage access can be limited based on security needs and the venue set up. If you get a backstage upgrade, please see the posted access areas that we post at our booth each day.

I already donated, does that count?2018-07-06T11:04:06-07:00

It’s really awesome that you are a regular donor, but the only drives that count for the VIP voucher are the ones at the MSL blood drive map, https://musicsaveslives.org Please make sure and follow the instructions for your area.

I want to volunteer for you at a show!2018-07-06T11:04:18-07:00

We are always looking for new, fun, energetic, outgoing volunteers to represent Music Saves Lives. If you are interested in volunteering, please email ihelp@musicsaveslives.org and let them know that you are want to help out.

I donated blood never got my VIP Voucher.2018-07-06T11:04:23-07:00

You will receive a Thank You email from the blood center you donated with linking you to a VIP voucher as close as 2 days before your Warped Tour date. If you are worried or it’s way too close to your tour date, CALL YOUR BLOOD CENTER where you donated. Speak to customer service and verify that they have the correct email for you.

Can I donate money and get a VIP pass?2018-07-06T11:04:29-07:00

No, I’m very sorry. We always need donations so we can cover our overhead. As for VIP for a monetary donation, no, but in some cases we have extra VIP and you will need to ask at our booth, or where we are set up at the time of the event. Please donate here and support our hard work at saving lives.

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